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Reco’s dreams ‘a calling from God’

John Sealy

Reco’s dreams ‘a calling from God’

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TWENTY-TWO-year-old Reco Hector does not claim to be any son of Jacob.
But he passionately believes his dreams hold serious revelations for Barbadians that it should not be business as usual. 
Reco, who lives in Pinelands, St Michael, and is a past student of Lester Vaughan School, says he is no prophet. He is also quite candid in admitting he has had several brushes with the law as late as last year.
But it was the constant unexplained dreams that nagged him from the time he was about 14 years old, to such an extent that he wants to lift them from the pages of his hardback exercise book in which he had written them to shout them from the rooftops.
It was a couple of weeks ago that this quiet young man turned up at the offices of the NATION, Fontabelle, St Michael, to say he has a message for not only the young people but the entire country.
Another prophet wanting to save Barbadians from themselves with messages “of gloom and doom ­­­– repent, the kingdom of God is at hand”?
But there seemed something different about this young man. He is calm and cool on the outside. He does not give up and wants his message out.
Reco describes his early youth “as wild teen days, saying that the world is mine and everything in it; being caught up in temptations, wantonness, lusts of the eye, a deceiver, luring others and entangling them with the cares of the world and sinfulness . . . . Being a scofflaw [flouting the law], not adhering to anyone besides my parents”.
But when night closed in, he had to confront “visions” that tormented his mind while he slept, experiences he described as “everlasting dreams, signs of horror to wake up to the next morning”.
Dawn did not throw any light on or provide answers to dreams of tidal waves, of water that moved from muddy to clear, non-stop wars and riots, and although trying to dismiss them from his mind, he still had them on his conscience.
 “Being anxious, I mildly brought up some of the horrors in conversations. Some say, ‘These things happen in the world every day’, or some say, ‘Boy, you have a wild imagination or you are mad’.”
Reco eventually realized that his experiences were “a calling from God, not only for me but the individuals of this island and around the world to prepare and see [and] know the truth of the everlasting God”.
“But besides these dreams, there are some things that stick in mind that no man could answer at that time. I was about 14 to 15 years, and it started as an out-of-body experience. I was in spirit form going out of my house.
“As I walked, I went round by a corner shop near the bus stop, cars passing as usual, street lights on, people ‘conversating’, then to find people rioting in the streets.
“As I walked to the pasture, I looked up in the sky and I saw an angel with a sword and he cut off the last number quickly of a four-digit number like if I wasn’t to see. But the first two digits were 20xx, then
the angel cut off the third number. The stars started to fall from the sky and there was more chaos about me. But as I looked up, the moon was red and a beast came up from the [basketball] court, the earth shook and the pasture cracked open and crumbled.
“Suddenly, after that, I found myself on a beach. As I looked to the sea, it drew back a little and I saw people come up out of the sea, thousands, then a beast with some heads came up walking behind the people towards me. Then I woke, shaking my head to find out if it was real.
“I asked my mum [who is a Christian] about the dream and she told me ‘that . . . real serious, boy’.
 “And [mother], being in the church, and others showed me that what I have dreamed is in the Scriptures. And all I wanted to know [from] there on is that my name is written in [the] Lamb’s Book of Life.”
Eight years on, and Reco has had another out-of-body experience.
It was just before his birthday last November.
As he made his way across Collymore Rock, St Michael, he witnessed planes dropping from the sky, thick blood with lots of shoes and clothes running along the streets of Lower Collymore Rock, and yes, the same angel he saw when he was 14 years old was there again.
It was against this background that Reco felt compelled to shout from the rooftops.
As he said, he could be out “doing pernicious crime” but “God was calling us into a new season of prayer, prayer that will transform this nation . . . . Let us arise and save this nation Barbados.
“I have a vision to share and, to me, it’s a chance.?Some might have dreams, but few have chances; he who has ears to hear, let him hear.”