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DEAR CHRISTINE: His girlfriend’s expecting, but I still love him

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: His girlfriend’s expecting, but I still love him

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Dear Christine,
I met a young man who already had a girlfriend. They were not hitting it off together, but now she is pregnant for him.
He told me that he is only staying with her because of the baby and when the baby is born, things would be different.
Christine, it is hard for me to wait because I really love this young man.
I keep thinking that things will change drastically when the baby comes.
This girl is always at his home. I see him quite often but I cannot help thinking about the future.
He told me if I want to call it quits it is okay with him. That also makes me feel that he does not care or really love me.
I am not sure what to do and the matter is driving me nuts.
I have been advised by the doctor to stop studying so much, but I cannot help it. What do you think I should do?
Please answer me quickly before I do something I would regret later.
– SB
Dear SB,
I think you have forgotten how babies are made. There had to be a sexual relationship between this man and woman for her to become pregnant with his child.
Don’t you think he also told this woman he loved her too? I am of the view that his place both now and after is with the woman who is about to give birth to his son or daughter.
If you were in her shoes, how would you feel knowing that there is someone else the father of your child is seriously interested in?
Leave him alone to face up to his responsibilities.
I also believe he has asked you to leave if you so desire because he probably knows that by the time baby comes on the scene, he’ll be telling you another story.
When you met him he had a girlfriend, and I am quite sure he still does.