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End patronage!

Anesta Henry

End patronage!

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Government needs to avoid catering to the feeling that people should rely on it for everything they want.
This is the view of three prominent people: social activist Rodney Grant and religious leaders Lucille Baird and Vincent Wood.
The three spoke against the backdrop of numerous appeals from Barbadians to Government for help.
Grant, executive director of Pinelands Creative Workshop, charged that politicians, in order to be popular, had fostered a dependency syndrome in Barbados.
He said Government and institutions need to move away from this position.
“We haven’t enough efforts on focusing on the whole issue of empowering people to be able to help themselves . . . .
“We have to spend far more efforts on genuine activities, on empowering individuals and towards communities working together,” he said.
It was unfortunate that at a time of economic downturn many Barbadians could not fend for themselves, he told the DAILY NATION.
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