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He asked me to wait, now he won’t call

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He asked me to wait, now he won’t call

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Dear Christine,
I am so glad to know that I can write you, as I have a problem which is really causing me some worry.
I am 19 years old and met a really nice, young man in February of 2010.
 We hit it off instantly. From the time we met he was really nice to me.
I felt so secure and loved him so much that we soon became intimate.
In September of that year, he left the island to work on an overseas contract. Needless to say, this was very hard for me, but he made me promise to wait for him.
Christine, we kept in touch with emails and a couple of postcards and phone calls for about six months.  
after that I just could not reach him at all.
 I was later told by his sister that he had to move from where he was living and he had no access to a computer or telephone.
As you would imagine, I never accepted this lame excuse for not keeping in contact.
This is now five weeks that he is back on the island and he has not made any contact with me. I have called his home on at least five occasions, but he is never there.
I cannot believe that he asked me to wait on him and is now treating me like I am some disease. I am really hurting.
– Miss Hurt
Dear Miss Hurt,
It is clear that this young man is no longer interested in you, but he does not have the guts to tell you so.
While he asked you to wait for him, it seems he did not promise to wait for you.
Do not embarrass yourself by calling at his house and do not make any contact with his relatives.
If he should call, you would have to decide whether or not you should speak to him.
 Meanwhile, let go. Time will allow you to heal, and you’ll soon see just how sweet life is all over again.