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Winds o’ change blowin’ !

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Winds o’ change blowin’ !

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Dear Nesta,
I HOPE YUH NOW SETTLIN’ BACK DOWN after dah ruff start to 2012 shortly after Ole Year’s Night, or as wunna people up norf always say, New Year’s Eve!  I never could spot de diff’rence, New Year or Ole Year, is all de same to me, aldoh in recent years, I notice we j’inin’ you now an’ callin’ it New Year’s Eve too.  Once mo’, de eternal copycats!
Anyway, as I was sayin’, when I read bout dah turrble start to 2012 wid all dem murders an’ stabbin’s tekkin’ place all over Britain, I had to say yuh decision to stop home dat night was a good one!  But fuh one fambly, doh, I t’ink de year start out very hopeful! 
After 19 years, at leas’ two o’ de killers involve in de racis’ murder o’ dah young Lawrence boy get jes’ wuh duh deserve – long, long jail-time!  I hope it won’ tek anethuh 19 years befo’ de res’ face justice!  Lissenin’ to comments ’pon de BBC from de “man in de street” sence de verdick, only strengthen my view dat racism en goin’ nowhey! It hey to stay till de Lord come fuh ’E worl!  
We lose we party ship, de Harbour Master, when it went ’long an’ lef’ we Ole Year’s Night to drop anchor in Trinidad, whey de owners hopin’ to reel in bigger “ketches”! Dis boat been in Buhbayduss fuh over 15 years, but like evuht’ing else in life, t’ings had to come to a en’ some time, an’ dah time happen to be now!
But we lose a even older “frien’” at year-en’! Over de years, de lights o’ we ole-time cinemas went out, one by one, an’ de Globe was de onlies’ one lef’ standin’!  Management now decide it en no sense holdin’ out any longer, an’ it was time fuh de final curtain call!  So de shutters went up, closin’ anethuh chapter in we hist’ry. 
I had to shed few tears, faif, when I remember all de good times you, me an’ all we ethuh frien’s  had at de Globe ‘pon a Sarrduh afternoon! An’ yuh might remember de local beauty shows an’ de Broadway stars management us-ed to bring to Buhbayduss to perform – Johnny Mathis, de Platters, an’ all like dem-so. De Globe was really de place to be!  
I mus’ say I got some bee-u-ti-ful mem’ries o’ times I had at dah cinema!  I onderstan’ it gine now be a place o’ worship, welcomin’ well known Amurican televangelis’  “megastars” in de monfs to come! Chile, wuh I could tell yuh, neh?  God is Love!
So, de Globe as a cinema, is one familiar “face” yuh en gine see ef yuh evuh get back fuh holiders!  Summuch physical changes tek place sence you lef’ dese shores, you sure to get cross-eye lookin’ from one t’ing to de nex’, faif!  Well, yuh cyahn stop progress, aldoh sometimes it lef’ yuh to wonder ef it always gine in de right direction.
De traffic “improvements” at Warrens causin’ mo’ problems dan de law allow, an’ dem evuh-annoyin’ four lanes at Wildey lef’ a lot to be desired wid de headaches drivers got to go t’rough. An’ regardless to hummuch people cry out, not a fella en lissenin’!
Ethuh changes – not only buildin’s – been creepin’ in, dat we en been payin’ nuh min’, so mos’ times, we don’ even realize anyt’ing happenin’. Nowadays, a “don’ cay” attitude dat runnin’ t’rough de society is de basis fuh de onconscionable way mos’ people behavin’, from de ole to de young!  
Dah “love thy nighber” feelin’ fadin’ fas’!  I hope yuh don’ drop from shock wid all de changes when yuh get back!  Even de ole Globe mek a turn . . . fuh de  better?
Tek care o’ yuhself.
 Yuh frien’, Babsie