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Alexandra School parents taking action

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Alexandra School parents taking action

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Alexandra School parents have had enough too.
Now they plan to take action as well.
More than 500 peeved parents crammed into the St Peter school’s hall earlier this morning to let their voices be heard.
And some members of the senior student body also chimed in, telling teary-eyed parents how bored they were at school, and desperately wanted teachers back in the classroom.
After the two-and-a-half hour meeting, the school’s PTA, which had organized the event, decided they would present the Ministry of Education with a signed petition tomorrow morning, outlining a four-point plan they believe could help end in the issue.
But they want teachers to return to classes until a final decision is made by the ministry.
Treasurer of the PTA, Richard Winckler noted that a way must be found for the teachers to have their grievances heard, but not at the expense of the academic futures of more than 800 students.
“Their (the teachers) perspective is important too, and they should be heard, but a way has to be found to do it without affecting the academic performances of students,” Winckler said.