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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t forget our one-night stand

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t forget our one-night stand

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Dear Christine,
I met a young man at a friend’s birthday party three months ago.
He and his wife had recently moved to Barbados. He told me that he loved me and that he and his wife were getting a divorce, because she was being unfaithful to him.
I live alone and he offered to drop me home. Well, you can guess what happened.
I gave him my contact information and he gave me his. Can you imagine the shock I experienced when I called his home and  his wife answered the telephone?
She proceeded to tell me that her husband was hers and that if I expected anything more out of the relationship, I’ll be very disappointed. She then dropped the receiver in my ears.
Christine, she also called my home and got on really bad on the telephone. I am not sure how she got my number, as her husband told me he does not have caller ID.
I am of the opinion that this woman even knows who I am, although I do not know her.
Christine, should I try to put this man out of my mind. He was such a good lover and even though we spent a short time together, I felt quite sure that we would be a great couple.
– D.D
Dear D.D,
Yes, you need to get this man out of your mind, as I am of the view that that he is up to no good.
 There is more to a good relationship than a one-night stand with a great lover.
He is still married and you should have considered this before getting involved with him.
I believe that this man and his wife are in a great relationship. That’s maybe why she was able to call your number even though she does not have caller ID.
Forget him and make friends with someone who is free and single.