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Prefects help as promised

Barry Alleyne

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Thirty-six prefects and the head boy and head girl of the Alexandra School, kept their promise yesterday by supervising younger students as their principal Jeff Broomes and the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) continued to be at loggerheads.
With teachers under the aegis of the BSTU ending their duties after the lunch period as part of their continued industrial action as they seek to have Broomes removed as principal, the senior students supervised first, second and third formers for the final five periods of the day yesterday.
“It was very challenging, but it’s something we feel we have to do. And we will continue to do it as long as it takes for this matter to be solved, or come to a conclusion,’ the students’ spokeswoman Kris-Ann Bernard told the MIDWEEK NATION yesterday.
The form 5A1 student said the 36 prefects involved initially had problems getting their younger schoolmates to settle down when they first took to class. “It was very difficult at first. After all, this is a case of children trying to supervise children, which is a huge task,” Bernard said.
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