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Don’t know if to stay or go

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Don’t know if to stay or go

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Dear Christine,
I am a man with a problem and hope that you would help me.
I was going out with a girl for two years. During that time we broke up on three occasions but she always came back to me.
The reason why we broke up in the past was due to her jealousy. I had to leave to study and work overseas and we both agreed that we’ll wait for each other.
Initially, we kept in contact with each other and so I thought everything was okay. That was until I heard from my sister that she moved in with her supposed boyfriend. Despite this she told me that “nothing has changed between us” and that she still loves me.
Do you think I should release her totally or should I try again?
– Perry
Dear Perry,
My advice to you would be to leave this girl alone. Is she interested in you or the current boyfriend? The mere fact that she has gone so far as to move in with another guy, tells me that she does not truly love you. If I were in your shoes, I would start looking for fresh friends and someone who truly, totally cares about you.