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No to sex until marriage

rhondathompson, [email protected]

No to sex until marriage

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Dear Christine,
I met and became very friendly with a rather nice man who visited the island and stayed in my family’s house with me.
During his visit, we became quite close, and he tried to get me to make love to him. I am not going to say that I am old-fashioned, but I have certain principles, and believe that sex should only take place within the bonds of marriage.  
This man wants to return to Barbados and to stay with my family again. He has indicated to me that while he’ll like to make love to me, he is not going to force himself on me.
Do you think I should let him stay with the family again? Also, am I being out of it when I decide to wait until I am married to have sex?
– L
Dear L,
You are on the right road. If you have adopted principles by which to live, no one should fault you for that. However, do not believe for one minute that he would not try to kiss and fondle you. And that can lead to sexual intimacy.
Do not put yourself in a compromising position, only to regret it after. Maintain your friendship with this man, but keep him at bay – that is, away from your home unless other adults are there.