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All-inclusive squeeze

Gercine Carter

All-inclusive squeeze

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British visitor Sir Michael Justice believes Barbados is hindering the flow of tourist dollars to small business people in the sector by promoting all-inclusive tourism.
“There are too many all-inclusive properties on this island and it does not help the little man trying to make a living from tourism” Sir Michael told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.
Instead he believed visitors should be encouraged to go out from their hotels more, and greater effort should be made to promote the businesses of beach vendors, village restaurants and the indigenous rum shops.
The repeat visitor, who has been holidaying here since the 1970s, also felt that hotels should purchase more produce from local farmers and from other local suppliers of goods and services to the hotel industry in order for the sector to benefit these smaller operators in a more meaningful way.
He, however, maintained there was also a place for the upscale accommodation.
The British national said during his 65 visits to the island, he insisted on patronizing the island’s rum shops, village-style restaurants and wayside food-vendors, and had developed a taste for local dishes such as pickled chickens’ feet and souse.
According to him, that experience which he described as “delightful”, had influenced his view that guests in all-inclusive hotels were being cheated of the opportunity to “experience the real Barbados”.
Sir Michael was among several frequent visitors attending a reception hosted by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart at Ilaro Court last week.