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Women, think before horning

as told to Sanka Price

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Women are nasty to one another all the time.
I know just what she has gone through because I went through the same thing 32 years ago when I had my son. And my mother suffered the same way, too, when she had my last brother. So this horning thing has been going on ever since.
Like the woman in your article, I called the individual and asked her to have a conscience – I was pregnant and she would not want anyone to do the same thing to her if she was in that condition. And like in the article, that woman told me that she did not care about me; and that if I was sweet and knew how to please my man he would not want her.
I lived to see my by then ex-boyfriend dump her for somebody else. And would you believe she had the gall to call me so that we could team up to hurt him?
As I wasn’t interested in hearing her, she cursed me and went on her way. That is the sort of women we have in this country – selfish, greedy, nasty-minded people who care only about themselves. They don’t care if they break up a family or take food out of children’s mouths because the man gives them money instead of living up to his responsibility.
In my view, these women are animals – the lady in the article called them dogs, but they are worse than that.
I am a woman and I know the pain I went through. I know what other women went through and are going through all like now. These things could never be right!
What I find hard to understand, though, is why women who horn other women feel that the men are going to want them afterwards. They don’t seem to understand that men don’t trust women who they consider to be as smart as they are. Men do not usually hook up with a woman who they know can lie and be as deceitful as they are, because they fear the same way she horned his woman, she would cheat on him too.
I would advise those women out there who hurt other women by living with their men and husbands, that life has a way of coming full circle. I have lived long enough to see that.
My life is an example of that. I stayed with my then man despite his cheating on me, and his woman calling and harassing me. I left him only after I got a dose of gonorrhoea.
But about three years afterwards I met a real nice man and now I’m married, have two lovely children, live in a really nice house and I’m very happy.
The wicked man I had still lives in his family’s house, can’t keep a job and has no one to care for him because of his wickedness. His own son thinks he is a bum.
As for the woman he had, she got big and fat, looks really old and bad, and lives in a little dilapidated rat hole to match her dirty ways. All the wicked things she did with other women’s men to get through in life have not helped her.