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An adventure called ‘life’

rhondathompson, [email protected]

An adventure called ‘life’

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My greatest childhood memory is  . . .  of playing dress up with “old fashioned” clothes and costume jewellery. I  can also remember myself in my leotard, tights and leg warmers . . . I loved to dance. Dance has always been part of my life. I still have a very good recollection of the moves  to the drums.
My most fabulous moment was  . . .  turning 40 and feeling fabulous. Life just keeps getting better. At 40, I feel    a special energy in things I do that I have never done or felt before. My dress sense has become more refined, sophisticated and classic. What has not changed is i’m still obsessed with handbags and shoes.
What keeps me passionate is . . .  waking up every morning and having something to look forward to. I can remember several times during my business journey when I wanted to give up – when there were no sales, and when it all seemed like a lost cause.
It was my passion that kept me going. When you love what you do, creativity is high and keeps you going on the good days. Persistence is what keep you going every other day.
My biggest regret is  . . .  I have no regrets. Once things are done, they are done. There’s no turning back, so why dwell in the past ? I have learnt from my mistakes; they have made me a better person. With no experiences to learn from, there would be no lesson learned. 
The person who has made the biggest impact on my life is . . . I have never really experienced unconditional love. Therefore, to say there’s one who greatly impacted my life would be quite difficult. I could, however, say that each person who I have come in contact with, has made me into the person I am  today.
A life changing moment happened when . . . I can’t recall at this time – My life is like an adventure. It brings with it surprises, lessons, failures, people who impact my attitudes and behaviour, opportunities, and uncertainties. Each of us is responsible for our own destiny and how it is defined by us. I am held accountable by life, not just for how I lived it, but who I helped, what I shared, and also what I left undone. I want to relish the moments of my life – each and everyday because my life could change forever – in the next  minute.     
My most treasured possession is . . .  I could  think of a number of different things – then I realized that none of them really matter, compared to the safety of my kids and loved ones. In terms of physical possession – pictures, because they allow me to look back and reflect on times past, people I love, people who have crossed my path in life and  memories.         
How did I ever exist without . . . the internet – it’s the world’s largest library. 
What I love most about myself now is . . .  I am my own worst critic, but there are a couple of things I would not change for anything in the world. While I am not perfect and will make mistakes, I like the fact that I do my best to live a respectable life and make decisions that my love ones can be proud of and find favour in. I love being a woman, I love who I am. I feel like I always treat people with love and respect. I treat others how I wish to be treated. If I have nothing nice to say, I say nothing at all.