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DEAR CHRISTINE: Take married men’s money and go

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Take married men’s money and go

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Dear Christine,
I fell in love with a married man who said he loved me very much.
He has a family and some of his friends [say] he wants others to believe that his wife is a bad woman. They say she is a very good woman who made him what he is today.
I am going to get all I can out of him and then let him go to the dogs. If he speaks the way he does about his wife, what do you think he’ll say about me?
I am only interested in his dollars. He has a car and he takes me and my family wherever we want to go. He also gives me money.
I want you to print my letter to warn all the young women to protect themselves from those lying married men. Don’t get too involved, just take their money and skin them. Then they would know what a good wife is.
– O.B.
Dear O.B.,
I am surprised at what you are asking women to do.
How can you appear to be sympathetic toward this man’s wife and yet you keep on “skinning” him?
Your actions are not right and encouraging your entire family to use this man is wrong.
I think while you are warning young women about lying, married men, you  should not be encouraging the one you’re presently with.

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