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How should I deal with cheating husband?

rhondathompson, [email protected]

How should I deal with cheating husband?

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE BEEN MARRIED for three years. For the first two and a half years, everything was fine. Life for us was like  a bed of roses; then suddenly, my husband started seeing another woman.
Christine, when I ask him to take me anywhere in his car, he is always too busy. On the other hand, when this woman calls our home, he puts on his clothes and goes to her.
If I try telling you the many things this man does which hurt me you would not have the space to hold them all.
Do you think I should get a divorce?  
I am on the brink of doing something really awful since I am tearing up on the inside. I thank God that we do not have children. I would not want them to see the way this man is treating me.
I have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.
– Hurt and Confused
Dear Hurt And Confused,
I would first like to advise you to take things easy. In fact, take one day at a time.
If you believe that your husband will change in time, then you’ve got to give him time to do just that.
If, on the other hand, this seems to be his style and you remain unhappy, then leave him.
If you are washing, cooking and cleaning for him and he is bent on doing his own thing and having a lover or lovers outside of your marriage, you are not obligated to stick it out with him.
I believe you should call The Samaritans and have a talk with them if you become depressed and need someone to talk to.