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PEP: Put Alexandra students first

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

PEP: Put Alexandra students first

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The minority political party in Barbados has added its voice to the Alexandra saga.
In a statement issued today, president of the Peoples Empowerment Party (PEP) David Comissiong said they are appalled at the “irresponsibility” and “immaturity” displayed by all the parties involved in the impasse and is calling on the 30 plus teachers to immediately resume their duties, even as they continue to agitate for Broomes’ separation from the school.
“There can be absolutely no doubt that the educational prospects of the totally innocent and blameless students of Alexandra School are being fundamentally damaged by the ongoing impasse between Principal Jeff Broomes and the 30 odd Alexandra teachers who are represented by the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU)!” the statement said.
He said both sides have maintained their positions, in spite of pleas from various sectors to end the impasse and “continue to consign hundreds of school children to a certain destruction of their educational prospects”.
The PEP told the principal Jeff Broomes, the BSTU, and the Minister of Education that whatever legitimate grouses and issues they may have with each other, none of them is entitled to engage in actions that injure the children.
Noting that the children at Alexandra School are minors, Comissiong said the adults in the situation are under a sacred moral and legal duty not to harm these children in any way.
The PEP had this to say to all parties in the Alexandra School saga: “By all means protest and engage in industrial action if such is required – but do not do it in such a manner that damage is done to the children that have been entrusted to your care!” (YB/PR)

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