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Kenmore Bynoe


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After finishing second to St Michael for the second successive year in the “A” division of the National Inter-Parish Road Tennis Championships, Christ Church might have found the solution to the 2013 edition – call in the United Nations (UN) weapons inspectors and have them declare Julian “Michael Jackson” White’s racquets weapons of mass destruction!
The large crowd at Dover on Sunday night would have agreed that White definitely used his racquet as a weapon. He sliced and cut his way to a win over the best from Christ Church, Anthony “Ears” Mitchell 21-18, 21-19, to add the title to his previous 21 national crowns.
What was not understandable was how a normal person person maintain a crouching stance for over two hours while using a piece of board to magnetically attract every shot, including many seemingly unplayable ones, to provide entertainment of the highest class.
Christ Church entered  match with a theoretical advantage after Dave Arindell had defeated an injured Jeffrey “Borah” Best 21-16, 14-21, 21-18. That game had continued from Saturday night when the rain had intervened in the decider with Arindell leading 13-11.
Mitchell needed to win or to lose with better scores than Best for Christ Church to take the crown. White’s task was to beat Mitchell in straight sets or in three sets with a combined total below 55. The focus on White’s face suggested that his only agenda was to beat his opponent in straight sets.
Fans who were expecting a slug fest of two heavyweights punching it out toe-to-toe were instead treated to the parries and thrusts of two skilled fencers as both Mitchell and White played tennis at its highest. The only flaws might have been the outdated method of the officials maintaining the lines which resulted in a number of critical errors hurting both players.
The long rallies of top-class shots might also have caused spectators cricks in the neck. Mitchell fought valiantly in the first set, but he was undone by White’s resilient and dogged defence. After losing that set and trailing badly in the second, Mitchell came back to lose a critical call at 18-19.
White also lost his cool at 20-18 with a suspect call, dropping his racquet and walking away to be calmed down by his nine-year-old son Ramario Hinkson, who used every time-out to coach his dad not to allow Mitchell to attack.
In the end, White took the final point and the match for his Bs’ Recycling team to take the parish crown for 2012.  
Both White and Mitchell would later acknowledge that the tournament was a tremendous boost for road tennis but they also called for line-personnel to be used as in lawn tennis for consistency.
The winners received cash and trophies, $500 gift vouchers for paints supplies each, as well as Note Books from Tropical Computers. White would be well advised not to put any road tennis information on his Note Book or the UN inspectors might confiscate that as well.