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Respect due trial games

Barney Callender

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After attending?the first day of the Barbados trial match at Foursquare Oval last Saturday, I was ashamed to see the conditions under which the game was being played.
I am quite sure that this is not what the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) wants to be happening in our cricket development.
The association is doing a reasonable job in implementing sustainable programmes that will assist in the development of our cricketers, but this kind of lackadaisical approach to national trials must be discouraged because it is counterproductive.
The conditions at Foursquare Oval were far from acceptable: a poor pitch and horrible outfield. These are not the conditions for national trials.
The players selected for trials must feel honoured and be given the best conditions to perform. Trial games must be treated as special games and at no time must it appear as though it is a formality because the team/squad has been already selected.
The BCA must also be cognizant of the fact that injuries will occur at these games and have medical personnel to deal with any eventualities.
I hope this neglect is not a reflection of how the BCA is viewing national trials.
I know that teams have been selected in the past without trials but I want to plead with the BCA to rekindle the interest and importance of national trial games by implementing a competitive structure with incentives to motivate the players.
Finally, if the development of Barbados cricket is going to be defined, the focus, resources and management must be comprehensive. Every area that pertains to the development of cricket must have the undivided attention of all parties involved.
Trial games must be seen as an integral part of national selection and be given the necessary attention and support.
• Barney Callender is a former Division One and Intermediate cricketer, who is now a regular spectator at club matches.