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DEAR CHRISTINE: OB, a woman used and scorned

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: OB, a woman used and scorned

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Dear Christine,
I was amused to read the letter from OB about taking married men’s money and leaving.
She clearly has dealt with only stupid and dumb married men.  
I am involved in four of these so-called relationships with “prostitutes” such as OB.
I say prostitutes because in essence, that’s what they are.
In my current situation, I am happily married. However, for a bit of adventure, I have taken on these four prostitutes.
One works in a bank, one works in Government, one works in The City at a jeweller, and the other works for an international airline at the airport.
All four of them believe that they are the only one with whom I am playing. They all want just one thing and that is money.
To get it, they all do everything I ask, to enable me to have my sexual fantasies fulfilled away from my marital home.
What they all fail to realize is that I am pretty aware of what their goals are. I demand raw, lewd sex and get it in abundance.
In return, they get their hair salon bill paid, nails done and occasionally a few dollars to buy deodorant and fast food.
I am too wise to let some common prostitute attempt to “skin” me.
As soon as they realize that I am alert, they lower their demands, but increase the sexual pleasure. Aren’t these women just downright prostitutes, even though they are in good jobs? What’s wrong with the women around?
As long as they continue to demand a life above their means, men like me, who can afford it, will always willingly disrespect and defile their bodies.
Pity the man who comes along and marries one of these regularly sodomized and abused things.
OB falls squarely into the description above.
I recently dumped her because of her poor personal hygiene and unrealistic financial demand on me.
She now regrets her unreasonable expectations, but I will not give her another chance. She is quite envious of the others who are willing to please, like she did earlier on. Therefore, she sought to try to embarrass me, publicly.
– ?
Dear ?
How can you be happily married, yet be involved with four other women?
I feel very sorry for your wife. the double life that you are living will surely catch up with you at some point in time.
I sincerely hope that you have no daughters or even sons for that matter. I won’t want them to reap what their father is currently sowing.
Your letter should also serve as a wake-up call for all women who generally deliberately or blindly get involved with married men.