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Big shot in a spot of bother

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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A WEB woven by a certain big shot that had him looking as successful as an owner of a sinkful of crispy Errol Barrows has now been torn apart since the truth has emerged.
So serious is the error that insiders are suggesting his frontline position may now have to be reviewed by the big boss.
People in the know said that this man, who was known in his youth for his spider-like ability to climb walls, has played right into the hands of the big boss with this latest gaffe.
They are saying that the chief now has enough ammunition to cut him loose without having to fear losing favour by so doing.
In fact, a politico knowledgeable about these things, reasoned that given the magnitude of the mistake, the embarrassment and reaction it has already caused, plus the fall in confidence that is sure to happen, it may be best to cut this man adrift now rather than let this error impact negatively  the rest of the team.
Of course, for this to happen the big boss must have the testicular fortitude to make such a decision. And many doubt he has that given all that has not happened under his watch.
Insiders say the saving grace for this man, whose eagerness obviously led him to speak of a false reality, is the close proximity of a quinquennial event and his value as player for his side.
My kingdom for a plaque
ONE PERK OF POLITICAL OFFICE is having a plaque with your name on it as the person who opened an entity. That’s why wherever you go across this small land, there are plaques bigging up politicos for doing such – all built in the days of plenty.
In these tough times, though, very little building is happening, so the present crop of politicos have few chances to record their name in stone.
This is a sore point for one of them who was overheard saying he wanted to get something to put his name on.
He wants this so bad that he’s pushing to get a project started before the bell rings, so that in case he is disappointed, at least his name will live on.
The truth will out
EMPLOYEES at a certain place are asking if friendships and alliances have anything to do with why it has taken so long for a matter to be resolved.
They are also wondering if letters were written in the hope of resolving this matter, why they cannot be found?
They are also saying that it seems a player in the matter seems to have all the aces, and this may be why very little real progress has been made.
These insiders suggest, too, that when the resolution is finally made, the public will be surprised at the information that will come out.
Bright light before end
PEOPLE?in a particular swing constituency have been smiling from ear to ear in the last few weeks, given all the work their representative is having done there.
Word is that debushing has been done, many of the National Housing Corporation units there got a paint job, and people who were calling on some agencies for help have started having their calls returned.
Onlookers are wondering what could be generating this activity since it is unlikely to be related to the ringing of the bell, and some have even suggested it could be a case of his light going out soon, so he’s doing his best before the plug is pulled.
On shifting sand?
THE SANDS seem to be shifting beneath a certain person nominated to contest the next general election.
Cou Cou was reliably informed that those charged with assisting this person in their quest are concerned that he is not doing enough work to unseat the incumbent.
They are telling him that if he wants to educate the constituents about him and his cause, he must hit the road and mingle. If he doesn’t, they may have to withdraw their support for him, and his party may even re-examine his nomination.