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Have phone, will block

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Have phone, will block

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A SWEET-singing diva has landed her pretty self in trouble – again!
This time around she took away her boyfriend’s cellphone and ended up being threatened with legal action because the phone was actually a company phone.
In her usual conniving way, she went through the phone and called up all of the females demanding to know if they were sleeping with her man. Unfortunately, these were all clients of the company.
And when management of the company contacted her and berated her for her conduct and asked her to return the phone, she rudely cussed them out.
It was only after they threatened to involve the police that she called back crying and apologizing and sent the phone back.
Her conduct has certainly ruined her relationship with the young man who was so embarrassed and afraid that it would have cost him his job.
From what we understand she seduced him at church and he was not aware of her many past and infamous indiscretions.
While it appears that she is finally out of the tumultuous relationship with her famous friend, she obviously can’t help but cause drama with everybody she hooks up with.
Straight from the horses’ mouths
Rumours have been flying left, right and centre that a certain woman is trying to get back at a certain man who broke her heart several years ago.
People are saying that is the reason why she is seeing red and that payback is a b—–.
But Pudding & Souse knows the whole truth about this rumoured broken down relationship.
And we can tell you for a fact that the two of them were never, ever involved – period! And that cometh from the horses’ mouths.
Bed-hopper in a rage
The wounded wife who used the pages of Pudding & Souse to tell off the woman who has a child for her husband should really be ashamed of herself.
She should have told her story instead to the other column called I Confess. Because she would have been able to bare her soul and let the public know that she and her husband have lived as man and wife only for a very short time during the many years they have been married.
She would have been able to confess that she has spent several of those years living at other men and only running back to her matrimonial bed when those men kicked her out of theirs.
And why has she waited three years to determine that her husband has a child from another woman? Because for the past three years she has been living at another man and is only trying to stir up trouble now that she has returned to her husband’s home.
This angry wife, who is now texting and calling the poor woman even though that particular outside relationship is over, should go back to the drawing board and learn how to behave as a wife before she condemns the mistress.
Teacher’s about-turn
People want to know why a certain teacher has joined the picket line after declaring for the past many years that he was supporting the principal – no matter what.
In fact, in the past when teachers protested, he was one of the few who remained in the classroom teaching.
Enquiring minds want to know what has led to this about-turn?
Too touchy-feely for female workers
Time is running out for a certain professional and his reported roving hands on the job, particularly with his female colleagues.
It appears management is tired of these workers’ complaints about his compulsion to want to hug them if he and they are familiar, or if he thinks he can get away with it; or feel up their hands or shoulders while speaking to them.   
The company is expected to send him packing rather than let him cause them any embarrassment.