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Govt not ‘sticking to strategy’


Govt not ‘sticking to strategy’

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OPPOSITION LEADER OWEN ARTHUR has accused Government of electioneering and ignoring the country’s serious financial position in its latest revision of the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) 2010-2014.
The MTFS document identifies 2012-2013 as the only period the Freundel Stuart regime would not be implementing an expenditure cut of approximately $75 million, Arthur said.
“The Democratic Labour Party [DLP] intends to depart from fiscal discipline during an election year and not to take Barbados’ interest into account,” Arthur told the SUNDAY SUN.
“This new fiscal strategy is a political strategy. It departs from fiscal discipline in an election year and indulges in heavy spending in the hope that heavy spending would save the Democratic Labour Party,” he added.
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