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Club holds Barrow dear

Yvette Best

Club holds Barrow dear

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Father of Independence Errol Barrow’s birthday last Saturday was celebrated at the Barbados Light Aeroplane Club, which he helped establish.
Saturday was open day at the club’s Christ Church base and from just around 11 a.m. members of the public had an opportunity to tour the facilities, take a flight at special rates and see various demonstrations.
Chairman of the club, Ronald Wilkinson, said: “Errol Barrow was one of the founding members of this club. He was also the president or chairman of the club and he was a driving force in aviation . . . . He was very instrumental in us getting the club here and the hangar next door.”
Wilkinson added that a lot of the pilots who at one time had been connected to the club had gone on to work with some of the major airlines.
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