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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: I wonduh wuh de future hol’?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: I wonduh wuh de future hol’?

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Dear Nesta,
I hope you in a better frame o’ min’ dan me, ’cause evuh sence I read dah news article ’bout we NIS funds – whey duh gine – my t’oughts tek a dive when I t’ink wuh jes’ might happen to me one o’ dese days. Now, I well aware dat evuht’ing does get sacrifice at the “altar o’ tourism”, as it is de onlies’ produck we got to keep we afloat. But I still en able to come to grips wid de t’ought dat a tourism projeck “malingerin’” hey fuh much longer dan four seasons – mussee triple dah time by now – should swallow up, easy so, a chunk o’ de NIS money – I t’ink $60 million – mos’ Bajans lookin’ forward to gettin’ when ole age step in!  
Gettin’ good returns from good investments is one t’ing, but sence I read dah big-able organization in Amurica, de IMF, warnin’ Guvment to slow down wid usin’ NIS fun’s, aldoh I also hear de Central Bank Governor sayin’ it is a positive move to inves’ in dah hotel projeck, I real confuse!
Dah projeck like it neiduh comin’ nor goin, so how good an investment it is fuh we NIS fun’s? Dem soon get loss ’way widout achievin’ tummuch, ef “big bucks” – an’ I talkin’ nuff money – don’ appear soon to save de day. We fun’s gine only gi’e few carpenters an’ masons li’l wuk fuh a while, an’ when it run out, doors close once agen!   
I was made to ondnerstan’ dat two ethuh Caribbean guvments – Dominica an’ Sin Vincent – had decide to inves’ in dis projeck as well, wid fun’s from dem Security Schemes, when, lo an’ behol’, I read couple days ago de Dominica Prime Minister say up to now he en approve neffin, an’, in fack, de matter en even reach he desk up to now! Apparently, he was respondin’ to comments from we Finance Minister dat de social security schemes o’ bofe Dominica an’ Sin Vincent would join Buhbayduss in dis venture. Sin Vincent PM now deny dem investin’ as well! So whey dah lef’ we?
De Inter-Amurican Developent Bank had de projeck list “in preparation stage”, but word now is dat money might be comin’ t’rough! But it still en gine be sufficient!
Girl, you don’ know how oneasy I feel, sence all dis fresh news come to light! I cyhan onderstan’ exackly wuh goin’ on!  
Wuk ’pon de hotel an’ all dem expensive, fancy villas had to come to a grindin’ halt in 2009 when, fuh one reason or de ethuh, de money jes’ dry right up! Sence dah time, we keep hearin’ evuh so of’en how t’ings startin’ back up, all is well, but I en see no movement in dah direction as yet.  
Philomena was tellin’ muh it look as ef she ole age future lookin’ pretty bleak! She own an’ nuff mo’! When time come – an’ it jes’ ‘roun’ de corner – to put she foot up an’ relax, she gine fin’ sheself in a “stranner”!
Firs’, she en sure ’bout she CLICO money, (’specially sence she hear ’bout de purchase o’ some big-able expensive car late las’ year), an’ now she NIS pension might tek a hit, de way dis projeck startin’ an’ stoppin’! I tell she to t’ink positive, like me. When, not ef, when de luxury hotel up an’ runnin’ – howevuh far-off in de future dah is – ef we fall ‘pon hard times, wuh is to stop we from turnin’ up in de lobby wid we “georgie bundle” to get a room? After all, we money woulda help to put it dey! Talk ‘bout den livin’ it up in de lap o’ luxury! Girl, we might even invite yuh to come j’in we in de pool!    
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’, Babsie