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Catch-up plans for Alexandra school


Catch-up plans for Alexandra school

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SACRIFICE WILL BE key if the lost teaching time at Alexandra School is to be made up.
That is according to fourth year head Michael Boyce, who has been consulting with principal Jeff Broomes for several years on a timetable.
Teaching at the school was interrupted for the past three weeks because of 30 plus teachers being on strike. They gave Prime Minister Freundel Stuart a commitment that all the missed time would be given back.
Eight of the nine department heads were on strike, and would have had that time to discuss possible strategies.
That notwithstanding, Boyce did not want to get into too many details as to what form the making up would take in the absence of discussions with Broomes. But he stressed that sacrifice on the part of management, teachers including the Silent 22 (staff members who did not join the strike), students and parents was essential.
He said they would have to make a determination about whether the catching up would be across the board, or whether the focus should be on the fourth and fifth formers who were preparing for CXC.
His suggestion would be a combination.
Noting that they would have been putting in extra time during lunch and after school for years, Boyce said it would take more of that and a possible suspension of extra-curricular activities so that the school day could be maximized.