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MAVIS BECKLES: Special people

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Special people

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In last Thursday’s DAILY NATION, I read a very interesting and informative column by Corey Worrell. I must admit dat I enjoy reading his columns every other week. I find them tuh be very insightful and interesting.
Now, this week when I saw the headline on his column, I decided tuh leave it fuh the last thing tuh read as I had a feeling dat he woulda come wid a totally different spin pon the whole teacher thing dat has been dominating the newspaper, the radio stations, the television, the schools, the unions, evah office, hair dressing salon, barber shop, evah single household and the man pon the street.
I was not wrong!
I see dat he went and research the Education Act of Barbados: Education Regulations 1982.
Now I ain’t intend tuh water down teachers or nutten you say because I gine tell ya, teachers, good and not suh good, does affect and seriously influence we children from day one, suh much so dat from the time we children start tuh go tuh school, the teacher does be right and we wrong.
But after reading and rereading the column, although I agreed wholeheartedly wid all dat you were saying, I just have tuh add my two cents’ worth tuh it and let you know, sir, dat teaching is the career you and all the other teachers in Barbados chose.
Leh me also add dat I doan think it is just a pay cheque tuh you and a whole lot o’ other teachers. Good, dedicated teachers are special; but, it is the career dat you chose and it comes along wid the good, bad and the indifferent.
Leh we look at a couple other demanding careers; fuh example, nursing. Nurses doan only attend tuh the young, but tuh the old and very old; not only tuh the ones who look like duh might have a lot but tuh the ones who got little or nutten and the very homeless or vagrant. Things dat me and you would turn up we noses tuh, dem does have tuh do and endure from different people several times a day and night.
Good nurses, like good teachers, does have tuh be listeners, counsellors, advisers, and each time expected tuh be instant healers too; many times from very ungrateful patients and duh families.
Wha’ ’bout pastors? I hear a pastor say one time dat the church is a spiritual hospital.
At the time I didn’t give it a lot o’ thought, but it is true. Good pastors doan only look forward tuh Sunday morning when duh could put on a nice suit or robe tuh get up in the pulpit, open the Bible and talk ’bout wha’ he or she read in it.
Some o’ dem does be a phone call away any time o’ the day or even night. Some does have a open-door policy at the church or office where the lame, the hungry, homeless and the blind does find duhselves looking for and expecting healing and compassion.
Fuh example: a young mother wid li’l children tuh feed, clothe and send tuh school and not a penny in she purse, or a young man who just get release from prison wid nowhere tuh sleep, nutten tuh eat, not a cent in he pocket and don’t know where tuh get it from.
I know a pastor who I see wid my own two eyes, many times, tek the last dollar bill outta he pocket and give it tuh somebody he was counselling and the times I see he tek up he lunch and give it tuh somebody who walk in he office hungry and dejected. That too is going beyond the call o’ duty.
Another set o’ people who, like teachers, nurses and pastors – tuh name a few – does go beyond the call o’ duty is police officers.
Now dem motto is tuh serve and protect, but dat ain’t all dat dem does do. While we resting comfortably in we beds at night, dem does be risking duh lives fuh all o’ we. Think ’bout the many times dat dem might get a call tuh settle a domestic dispute, sometimes between a mother and wayward son or daughter, just so dat one or more o’ dem doan end up before the law courts.
I know of a time when a young son was going through a rebellious stage, and the mother, the young brother and the li’l sister was crying all the time. And the father, who was not around, tell dem tuh put he out.
But it was the police who was compassionate and talk tuh the boy and, look, today he is a well adjusted, gainfully employed father and husband.
Dem, too, does go beyond the call o’ duty.
Now Mr Corey, from how you does write I know dat you is a man o’ God and I know dat you could appreciate and does get good counsel. Teachers going beyond the call o’ duty is a wonderful thing, but it is like the body in 1 Corinthians 12: 14-26, one body, many parts, read it!
Not one part is more important than the next. Ya see the same way dat the body does need all of its organs tuh function, society needs every sector; law, education, medical, physical and spiritual tuh play its part and function.