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St Philip Kadoo

Kishmar Shepherd

St Philip Kadoo

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After a two-year break, the first of two St Philip Carnivals scheduled for this year was held last Saturday – much to the delight of the people of St Philip. Residents of the eastern parish were joined by many other fun-loving Barbadians from across the island, making the carnival’s return a success.
With only five bands, the streets were yet filled with revellers and onlookers, neither group complaining about the hot sun on a bright Errol Barrow Day.
Of note were newcomers Eastsiderz, who had a very good showing on the road, and Legendz Boys who made up the largest band on the road and was hosted by Member of Parliament for St Philip North and Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley.
There was also the National HIV/AIDS?Commission band that handed out free condoms to patrons and spread the message of safe sex.
After the parade ended at the King George V Memorial Park, the partying continued, with popular DJs rocking the growing audience.
There were no incidents of violence; just pulsating music, varied food, and lots of fun.
The second St Philip Carnival is to be held in November.