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Follow the old paths

Cheryl Harewood

Follow the old paths

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ASK GOD FOR THE OLD PATHS wherein lie the good way. Walk therein, and you shall find rest for your soul, Reverend Andre Symmonds recently told a packed congregation at The People’s Cathedral.
With a message entitled Old Paths For A New Year, he said they must not neglect the old ways of God for popular, modern ways that lead to destruction and Hell.
His message was based on Jeremiah 6:16 where God urged Israel through the Prophet Jeremiah to return to His way of doing things and living.
Symmonds described the days of Jeremiah’s ministry to the Israelites as “days of deep wickedness” and said the world today “is not far removed from deep spiritual wickedness” where people who are not living right can go into a Bible-believing church and get comfortable without any conviction.
“Our churches have become user-friendly,” he declared.
“There is a right path and there is a wrong path,” Symmonds stressed.
“That’s not a popular teaching in this day, and many in universities, colleges and schools are being taught there is no right or wrong path.”
He said some people were removing and changing God’s road signs, were hoodwinking and leading others astray.
The seven road signs he said many were seeking to change or remove were salvation through the blood; belief in the Scriptures, love for the church; the reality of Heaven and hell; the value of the human soul; the timely return of Jesus Christ; the holiness of God.
He declared: “People don’t want to hear about salvation through the blood of Jesus, but the same messy blood is what will wash your sins away . . . .”
 He added that the Scriptures were being taken out of schools and the church and that many were “forsaking the assembling of themselves”, choosing rather to stay at home to listen to sermons via the television and Internet.
About the imminent return of Christ, Symmonds said we should live each day as though Christ was coming. He also stressed the need for Christians to live holy lives, as admonished in 1 Peter 1:16.
“You will never be more holy than you want to be; it is not achieved in a hurry. You must turn off the cellphones, televisions and get alone with God.”
In summary, the young preacher said: “When we are on God’s highway, we will arrive at the proper destination; we can travel safely knowing God is guiding, governing and guarding our way, and the deepest needs of our souls are met.”
He warned that chastisement and destruction awaited those who refused to walk in God’s ways.
 “Old ways are not popular. They are abandoned daily. Where are you at today?” he asked before making an altar call, which resulted in some of his listeners turning their lives over to Christ.
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