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She was hooked on my sweets

rhondathompson, [email protected]

She was hooked on my sweets

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Dear Christine,
I saw your letter from “A”. As I am familiar with her and stumbled on her letter before she sent it to you, I must confess to being her so-called “Sugar Daddy”.
I am disappointed to see that she has been a little economical with the facts of her situation with me.
From day one, all these years ago, I made it clear that I am married and am much older than she was. She said over and over again that she had no problem with our difference in age and our life experiences. She chose to stick around. At no time have I put her under any pressure whatsoever.
In the relationship, she got pregnant for a work colleague.
I paid for the abortion after listening to her very tearful recall of how it all happened to be an accident.
I know that the child was not mine, as I had a vasectomy in the United States many years ago and she knows that from our many years of unprotected sex, that she can never be pregnant for me.
My wife passed away several years ago and I forged a reasonably happy relationship with “A”, whilst allowing her freedom to come and go as she chooses.
“A” failed to mention that her pledge to me is to offer nothing but pure, raw and unadulterated sex day and night whenever I am in the mood and she is up to it.
In return, she has received a good education, supported largely by me and her lovely parents.
I even sent her to United Kingdom to study for a Master’s degree, paying for the full tuition, accommodation and travel. On her return, she landed a fairly well-paid job with an off-shore company.
In spite of all of this, she continues to hold on to her “Sugar Daddy”.
For me, it is a boost to see that whatever happens, she still seems to need me for her material and financial things, like the BlackBerry phone and account with the carrier; the iPad; the designer clothes from United States, the meals out and currently, the driving lessons.
Christine, “A” has nothing to complain about.
She is just feeling guilty, because an envious girlfriend has told her to break loose and find a young man. “A” has told me time and again, that no young man has the money, the job, the house and the experience like me, which she loves. So she is sticking with it.
If only she had given you the truth and a better picture, your response would have been different.
I am not ashamed to say that there’s never a week when I don’t encounter some young woman here, attractive and looks good, who needs lunch money; pampers, the BB phone bill or utility bill to be paid, the fete to go to and so on.
I can pick any number of these and take them to bed, but I choose not to. Often I just give them a few dollars and move on, until the next one approaches me. They seem to have the gift of spotting charity a mile off.
“A” claims that she is not a prostitute! Christine, what do you call these young women who sell their souls, minds and bodies to me for money? The sex with “A” and others I have met is limitless.
The majority of them have partners, yet they seek me out. I am not alone, as I have several male friends in very high ranking positions that are doing exactly as I am for these whores.
What is astonishing is that they come from the banks, the corporations, the Government ministries and the churches. They all want one thing and that is money and material things for themselves and children in exchange for a plentiful supply of sexual intercourse.
 I repeat, for me, I enjoy it all and so do they. I have no shame.
I have what they want.
I give it, get them willingly to perform and send them off to their husbands, partners, whatever, until they come calling again the next evening.
– HP
Dear HP,
I have nothing to say concerning your letter. I will simply print it so the so called “prostitutes” and simple minded would have a fairly good idea of the kinds of minds which exist out there in the form of some men.
I pity the fools – on both sides of the fence – persons like you and these women.