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Let’s shake on it

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Let’s shake on it

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THE MAN leading the trade union delegation at yesterday’s LIAT shareholder discussion was not a happy camper when he walked into the meeting room at Hilton Barbados.
He had complained that the unions were not given adequate notice to prepare or enough time to have their say on the airline’s strategic plan.
But when he came out, after about two hours of talks with Prime Ministers Freundel Stuart of Barbados, Dr Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Baldwin Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda, Senator David Massiah was all smiles, reporting that the meeting was “more than a success for the trade unions”.
LIAT’s management agreed to follow-up meetings with the unions to get their input on the way forward for the airline. That was enough to satisfy Massiah (right) who appears to be “shaking on it” with Stuart (left), while Gonsalves looks on.

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