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PUDDING & SOUSE: Double blow for mourning son

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Double blow for mourning son

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Some people living in a rural neighbourhood are blue vex and want to know if the oldest son of a woman who died suddenly will repay them their meeting money.
As soon as the news spread that the woman had died, people ran to her house, not even to offer condolences but to cuss and get on bad. They were telling the poor son that they wanted the money they had paid her on the Friday night.
They refused to leave even though the son, who was crying, told them that his mother’s body was not even cold yet and asked them to give him some time. One woman even stopped a police officer who was passing and made a complaint to him about the money, but the officer told her to give the man some time to mourn his mother’s death.
The upset people are saying that they hope the son continues the meeting turn and gives them some positive answers before he buries his mother or else they will not let her rest in her grave.
Members of a church-going community are disgusted by the behaviour of some of the people who have been given certain important positions in the church.
Apparently, one woman went as far as taking a photograph of a drinking glass which was accidentally left on a seat, and went around the church showing it to everyone and making unkind remarks.
Members want the woman – who, after she got voted onto a team, was bragging that she would show the others how to run things – to remember that God is the one who is always in control.
And they are particularly bewildered by the behaviour of another woman, who always runs to greet the pastor’s wife when she attends church but then turns around and talks her name behind her back.
They also want this woman to know that she should stop crying down the young people in the church since she does not even know where her children are.
Licks like peas
The husband of a well-known national player went in for the kill when he found his wife parked out with a younger man.
Word around the court is that he pulled a Mike Tyson on the shocked young man and bit off a piece of his ear, and then angrily inflicted damage on his vehicle.
Wifey, who was screaming in horror as the attack unfolded, could not even put up one of her famous blocks.
But it seems that all is not lost between the couple because the next night the two of them were spotted in close embrace watching a game together.
Friends are now waiting to see if she will plead the fifth when the time comes for her to say what went down in the car park.
Driver in hot seat
No one was surprised to learn that a loud-mouthed man who makes a living driving vehicles is being investigated by the police for sexually assaulting a young woman.
Apparently, this is not the first time that he has engaged in such immoral behaviour. The talk around town is that he even did it to a family member.
Several of his colleagues who are fed up with his aggressive and boisterous behaviour are saying that he won’t be missed from Broad Street.
Blame outside woman
It is time that a certain man who has fallen from grace understands that his outside woman is the reason why he no longer commands respect.
Several people who live in his close-knit community are saying that they lost all respect for him when he built a house for his lover across the street from the house he shared with his wife and family.