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Oistins fire destroys three boats

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Oistins fire destroys three boats

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FIRE DESTROYED THREE BOATS and extensively damaged another in the dockyard of the Berinda Cox Fish Market in Oistins, Christ Church, yesterday.
An eyewitness told the SUNDAY SUN that around 1:43 p.m. the fire started in one of two “abandoned” boats that were destroyed.
“Around 1:45 I called the fire station and told the woman who answered the phone that a boat was on fire,” the man, who did not want to be identified, said. “She asked me how bad it was and I explained to her.
“Then I see a vagrant who lives in one of the abandoned boats . . . jump out fast when the second boat start to burn. Man, he didn’t even look to see where he was jumping!
“He like he wake up from sleeping, feel the heat and just jump – and jump far! And then he went and sit down somewhere to cool off,” said the witness who was working on a boat in the area when the fire started.
Three fire officers and one tender from the Worthing Fire Station responded. (AH)