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Arthur: Forget mock divisions

Mike King

Arthur: Forget mock divisions

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Owen Arthur?says there is nothing that will destabilize his Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and the affairs of the party will never be arranged by any private meeting between individuals.
Speaking last night before a standing-room-only audience at St Alban’s School for the St James North nomination, the Opposition Leader said now was not the time for artificial divisions and contests among BLP members.
“There is a problem in the public finances; we will fix it. There is a problem with rising unemployment and we will start talking with the public about that; and this is what the Barbados Labour Party must focus on; not artificial divisions that some would want to foist upon us.
“Put those artificial divisions behind us. Let us go forward together as one, pulling together in the same direction on the same course,” Arthur said to thunderous applause from scores of party faithfuls.
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