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Mara hints at name for health care facility

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Mara hints at name for health care facility

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MARA THOMPSON didn’t say it.
But everyone in the House of Assembly still got the message.
Speaking during a debate yesterday in the Lower House, the first-time Member of Parliament clearly hinted that the new St John Polyclinic should be named after her late husband, former Prime Minister David Thompson.
She gave the hint while speaking after Minister of Health Donville Inniss had introduced a resolution seeking an additional $4 million to be provided for completion of the new health care facility.
Thompson told the chamber that completion of the polyclinic had been a personal dream of her late husband.
 “He felt the people of St John deserved such a facility and would be proud of this administration’s decision to complete it,” she told parliamentarians.
“I would like to hint it is my view, and the view of the people of St John, and I speak for them, that when the ministry is ready to name this facility, there is only one person after whom we think it should be named, and I say no more on that.”  
The statement prompted nods and applause from the Government side.
Earlier Inniss had indicated that the days of polyclinics being named after previous ministers of health would soon be over and that in the near future such facilities would be named after registered nurses or health inspectors who made indelible marks in the health care sector over the years.
Noting the polyclinic project had been on hold for 14 years, Thompson criticized the previous Barbados Labour Party  administration for not finishing the project “in times of plenty”. (BA)