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‘Don’t crush home dreams’

Maria Bradshaw

‘Don’t crush home dreams’

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GOVERNMENT?has to implement the findings of the Greater Brittons Hill Geological Hazard Map in a way that will not negatively impact on properties in the area and people who want to purchase land there.
This suggestion was made by managing principal of Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd, Justin Jennings-Wray, whose company is one of the few on the island that undertake geotechnical investigations.
As a result of the 2007 apartment collapse at Arch Cot Terrace, Brittons Hill, St Michael, people carrying out any construction, including home improvement in specifically marked out zones in the Brittons Hill area, must have a geotechnical study undertaken before being granted building permission by the Town & Country Planning Department.
While commending Government for undertaking the geotechnical study in the wake of the collapse, Jennings-Wray said that property values could be affected by the zoning of the land and suggested that Government educate the public about the findings.
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