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‘Gone to heaven’ together

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‘Gone to heaven’ together

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SLEEK TWIN CASKETS adorned with matching white floral arrangements lay side by side at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral yesterday morning as the strains of Kenny Rogers’ Through The Years wafted through the air.
It was a sedate service which Monsignor Vincent Blackett preferred to describe as “the climax of a wedding” rather than a funeral service for Joan and Cecil Fitt.
Blackett said the late Rendezvous Ridge, Christ Church couple “celebrated their marriage from beginning to end”, treating their life together as “one big wedding celebration”.
The bond held through death and was well expressed and reflected in the tone of the Fitts’ funeral.
Joan Fitt cared for her ailing husband up to the time he died at their home last week. Three hours after he succumbed to cancer, she also died.
Delivering the homily yesterday, Blackett shared the experience of his last visit to the Fitts’ home to administer final rites to Mr Fitt, when Mrs Fitt shared thoughts about her devotion to her husband, acknowledging that his end was near.
“I said to Joan, ‘It must have been very challenging for you’. She said to me, ‘Yes, but it was great. It is great to be able to serve Cecil. He was a wonderful husband – a great husband – and a devoted father.”
The priest told the congregation, “What we are experiencing today is two people who were given over to each other have now sealed it in this unique and special way.”
He exhorted the Fitts’ children and grandchildren to follow the example of parents and grandparents who had lived their lives in a “perfect union” that lasted for 53 years.
Blackett said the couple celebrated their marriage “from beginning to end” and had “gone to the wedding feast in heaven”.
Stephen Fitt read Canon Henry Scott-Holland’s poem Death Is Nothing At All in tribute to his parents. (GC)