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Mystery of fish cleaner in doc’s coat

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Mystery of fish cleaner in doc’s coat

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WHEN A FISHERMAN TURNED UP at the fish market dressed elegantly in a doctor’s crisp, white coat everyone thought it was a big joke. They all had a good laugh as he walked around proudly calling himself doc and joking that he was taking the fish to surgery.
But it turned out to be not so funny when people realized that the coat still had the doctor’s name tag attached to it and the name of the health institution written in bold letters.
It seems that a call was made to the institution because an official turned up at the fish market and proceeded to inspect the coat. He determined that the fisherman was not the esteemed doctor whose name was on it.
Now it appears that a relative of the fisherman has been suspended pending an investigation. The word is that the doctor’s coat was accidentally given to the fish cleaner when he collected his own clothes.
Authorities are trying to find out why his dirty garments were being cleaned at the institution in the first place.
Be a man, not a mouse
LAST WEEK WE TOLD YOU about the man who drives around Bridgetown and who inflicted some serious damage on a young woman when he sexually assaulted her.
Well, our spies are telling us that the notorious loud-mouthed man is still hiding out. He has been trying to offer the woman lots of money not to report the matter but she has bluntly refused.
People say he is parking his van away from home and sneaking around the place. He was last spotted in disguise, going into the office of a big-up lawyer.
His colleagues are saying that he should stop acting like a mouse and come out of hiding and face the music because he already knows what it is to be behind bars.
Cashier’s queer day
THEY WERE NOT A TAG TEAM but it did seem a little strange when a lesbian and a gay man who are not friends were both caught shoplifting from a cafeteria just minutes apart.
The first one to walk in was the gay man, who took two items from the shelf and walked out of the shop without paying. It was while the cashier was confronting him on the outside that the lesbian walked in, took up items and proceeded to leave without paying.
The poor cashier then had a hard time dealing with both thieves since they ended up pointing fingers at each other.
She reported the two to her boss but she is still wondering why her day was so queer.
Hot dresser a big loser
A YOUNG WOMAN who likes to dress in brand-name clothes and eat snack boxes all day has become the joke of the town.
She recently had to close down the boutique she opened a few months ago because the only customer she had was herself.
Instead of selling the stock to make money, the chubby young girl who likes to party every day ended up wearing the clothes herself and even giving some to friends. She would also sit in the boutique and constantly eat the snacks and drink the sodas.
It was no surprise when the landlord evicted her after she had not paid the rent for two months.
Now the same friends whom she allowed to walk into her store and take up clothes are laughing at her behind her back and saying that she should have learned to keep her personal life out of her business life because she eats and parties away what should have been her profit.