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Service station changes hands

Marlon Madden

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A privately owned service station has been opened on the island with a minor shift from the traditional way service station minimarts operated over the years.
What was once a Shell service station on Roebuck Street is now the Leomay Inc. service station, owned by 26-year-old Kairre Maycock.
Noting that there would be no “major changes” at that location, Maycock told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY she benefited by not holding one of the popular franchises.
“We can buy fuel from anybody because we are not under the Shell brand, the Texaco brand or Esso brand,” she said.
“For instance, I can sell oil from Esso, Shell or Texaco. If you are under one of those brands you can only sell items from that brand, you are [subject to approval] – but here we can sell a wider variety.
“If the Transport Board, for instance, wants a type of oil that they are not carrying then we can carry it. We don’t have to ask permission to carry it. The decision is directly with us,” said Maycock.
She noted that she did not believe Leomay Inc. would have to compete with brand-name service stations, and while she believed the move would provide an increase in business, so far there has been “no noticeable drop or increase” at the pumps.
However, there has been an increase in sales in the mart. That increase, she said, was due to the fact that they sold products from all the major suppliers.
Leomay Inc. currently employs the 12 staff members who were there prior to the transformation.
The change in ownership and rebranding of that service station came into effect January 1.
“Since then, business has been smooth. The majority of people don’t know that this has been rebranded because we didn’t close – we just continued straight.
“When the price of gas goes up, we will get less sales. That is the normal thing. But I don’t see any more challenges,” said Maycock, noting that the prices of products in the marts at the bigger service stations were controlled.
She said they were currently working on the graphics for the company logo, which should be ready “shortly” – then they would be able to run promotions.
Livingstone Carter, president of the Petroleum Dealers Association, opted not to comment at this time.