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NAPSAC going hi-tech

Randy Bennett

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The Pine Hill Dairy National Primary School Athletic Championships (NAPSAC) is going hi-tech.
And patrons attending the event will also benefit from the technological improvements, which will for the first time include a display clock.
This was revealed during a Press conference at the dairy’s Pine headquarters yesterday to announce the details of this year’s competition.
Speaking on some of the improvements to the competition, which is celebrating its tenth year, assistant meet director Janelle Denny said that due to the success of previous editions, they were able to purchase a photo-finish clock as well as a display clock.
This, along with the fact that the event will also be streamed live via the Internet, was sure to increase the number of spectators.
She also revealed that there were some changes which would help improve the speed and efficiency of the zonal meets.
These included St Lawerence Primary and Good Shepherd Primary being moved from the Obadele Thompson Zone to the Andrea Blackett Zone.
Due to the amalgamation between South District and St David’s Primary to form Blackman and Gollop Primary, that school had now been moved from the Andrea Blackett Zone to the Anton Norris Zone.
Ignatius Byer has also been moved from the Anton Norris Zone to the Andrea Blackett Zone.
“These moves have been [made] to facilitate the realignment of the zones so that we could have equal numbers,” she said.
All of the zones now have 16 schools except the Obadele Thompson Zone, which has 17 due to the inclusion of the Erdiston Special School.
Denny said that the first zonal meet would run off on February 27 [Obadele Thompson], followed by Patsy Callender on February 28, the Andrea Blackett on February 29, Anton Norris on March 1, and finish with the James Wedderburn on March 2.
The semi-finals are slated for March 13, with the grand finals on March 20.

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