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Lashley: We helped Suki

marciadottin, [email protected]

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DESPITE “CERTAIN INDISCRETIONS” as well as statements in the Press to the contrary, Government has not turned its back on World-Go-as-You Please champion Ronald “Suki” King.
A Press statement sent via the Barbados Government Information Service yesterday from Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley, said the minister wished to “put the matter in true perspective”.
“First, let me say, like all Barbadians, that I am happy that King is safe and in good health after his recent ordeal.
“When the news of his rescue from the sea was reported in last Wednesday’s MIDWEEK NATION, my initial reaction to his claim (that the Prime Minister and I had virtually ignored his request for a meeting and contributed to his state of mind) was one of disbelief; simply because late last year I myself had initiated contact with King in an effort to assist him,” he said.
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