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More frustration in ‘D’ camp

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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ANOTHER LETTER written by a frustrated Dem and, again, questioning the quality of leadership, is in circulation.
Unlike the letter from the Eager Eleven, which had the names of top flight party people, this one involves an ardent rank and file man, who for years has been a faithful foot soldier, knocking on doors and engaging people to ensure his party’s policies and ideas are well ventilated.
According to the letter, relations between this true-blue Dem and one of the party’s front-line people have hit a low note because of the actions of the big gun.
The relationship is so fractured that the supporter has given up his slice of the fatted calf and in his letter to the big chief has alleged that the big gun engaged in actions which could embarrass the party.
The foot soldier claims that contrary to the practice, the big gun authorized a matter to be handled without getting any other quotations for it.
Though this matter will cost Government a mere $74 000 – which amounts to a sheet of paper in a pile of garbage – the fact that it has been done bothers this supporter, who believes that statutory rules should be followed to avoid embarrassment further down the road.
Set record straight
CONCERNED PEOPLE want a certain big shot to stop taking nasty verbal lashes and speak to the things being said about him.
They are saying that he should clear the air on whether he can no longer travel to the United States or not, as that would put the talk to rest once and for all.
They suggest that he should produce his passport showing the necessary authorization to give the lie to this vicious rumour that has been making the rounds against him.
Shedding weight
A PERCEIVED WHITE ELEPHANT may soon shed some of its weight.
Word is that serious discussions are ongoing about the future of this facility which has been designated a waste of money by some of those now handling the purse strings.
Cou Cou understands that an analysis submitted on the matter has recommended that shedding this place is one way for Government to cut down on its expenses.
The revenue expected to be generated by this facility has not materialized, as the events held there just don’t make enough cash to stop this place from leaking money.
The concern though is if the old owners of the facility can do no better than the present high salaried managers, they will come cap in hand to Government later on requesting financial help.
Bad Bee-haviour
A BIG BASSA BASSA in a rural Bees camp last weekend has left many wondering if the talk about unity in that party is just that.
Cou Cou understands that a certain constituency had a regular meeting and a woman who no one knows to be a senior Bee turned up to chair the meeting. She, reportedly, also had a list of names that did not contain the known members of the executive of that branch.
But the veteran Bees present showed this Juann-come-lately how badly they could sting. They loudly removed her from the building, and instead allowed a newcomer to chair the proceedings. So the meeting went on amicably after that, with the speaker, who is branded a renegade by some, making a sound contribution.
But that was not the end of the story. The eager newcomer reportedly got a tongue-lashing for being a do-gooder. And was told when tongue and teet’ fall out, even the most skilled doctor cannot help.