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Ginger helps ease joint pain

Annette Maynard-Watson

Ginger helps ease joint pain

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Thoughts are universal! Believe me, it is puzzling.
The most frequently asked question last week was: “Silent doctor, what do you recommend for these aching joints (or knee and back pain)?”
My response was Barbadian-grown silent doctors ginger or breadfruit leaves.  Personally, I travel with ginger daily and chew it. It has proven effective.
Zingiber officinale, or ginger, contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and vitamin B6/pyridoxine.
Research shows that it can alleviate diarrhoea, aid digestion and reduce flatulence (passing wind). It can also reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.
A study conducted by the University of Miami on patients using ginger revealed a marked decrease in pain associated with osteoarthritis.
Additionally, a study published in an issue of Osteoarthritis And Cartilage revealed that if you are having arthritis-related problems with your aging knees, spicing up your meals with fresh ginger may help.
Ginger can also boost the immune system; furthermore, it is a natural decongestant and antihistamine.
Ginger may also prevent the formation of blood clots and it is a natural blood thinner.
It can also lower cholesterol and prevent blood platelets from clumping together.  Research also points to ginger for treating diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Lab experiments presented at the 97th annual meeting of the American Association For Cancer by Dr Rebecca Liu and her colleagues from the University of Michigan showed that gingerols, the active phytonutrients in ginger, kill ovarian cancer cells by inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) and autophagocytosis (self-digestion).  
Additionally, at a major meeting of cancer experts at the Frontiers In Cancer Prevention Research Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 26 to 30, 2003, research revealed that gingerols may also inhibit the growth of human colorectal cancer cells.
On a different note, this week many activities continue to unfold positively for African History Month 2012 within the school arena.  
On Friday I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying a Christ Church Foundation School team of talent to The Ann Hill and Irving Wilson Schools’ African History Month Programme.
The programme staged in the hall was stunning – and students, especially those of African descent, were regally dressed.
Tears ran down my face as I reinforced innately that we people of African descent have awoken from deep sleep and are approaching this consciousness with grace, confidence and love.
The ambience created in that hall caused me to salute educator Icil Phillips, who helped clear the way for me to wear my “crown” of exotic locks into the classroom without resistance.
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