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Worried I may have AIDS virus

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Worried I may  have AIDS virus

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE A PROBLEM which I desperately need you to help me with.
I am in my late 50s and have been friendly with quite a number of young girls. Recently, I got friendly with a woman in her twenties. She is shapely, beautiful and appears to be very pleasant.
What has me afraid right now is that one of my friends discovered I was seeing her and told me I should have myself checked, as it was rumoured that she has the AIDS virus and that one of the guys she used to mess with has since died.
I have not been with this woman since my friend told me this, and I must admit that while I know little about what to look for or expect if one has contracted the AIDS virus, I am pretty sure that anything could be possible these days.
I am scared about having the test done, as I am a relatively private individual. However, I cannot help but wonder, what if I am sick but do not know it?
– W.P.
Dear W.P.,
Chances are, you are in good health and are putting yourself through needless worry.
It is true that the only way to know if you have contracted the AIDS virus is to have a test done.
You can consult your doctor, who will answer all the questions you have and give you information regarding the test. Have it done quickly to put your mind at ease.
   These are not times to have unprotected sex, so in the future either abstain or do the right thing by yourself and your partner by protecting you both. It’s each person’s duty to do so.