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DE MARKET VENDOR: Inconsiderate people at every turn in Bubbadus

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Inconsiderate people at every turn in Bubbadus

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Ah writing this article at 3 a.m. Sunday morning, not because ah want to but because I cannot sleep!
And why? Because some morons howling from a karaoke bar somewhere in the Brittons Hill, Collymore Rock or Pinelands areas. Imagine every Sunday morning at 3 and 4 o’clock idle people (as opposed to idols) trying to sing over P.A. systems disturbing the sleep of innocent people!
Why would anybody t’ink it is okay to do dat?
Poor Carl Moore been trying fuh decades to promote a quieter Bubbadus and everybody want to put he in the Mental Horsepital!
De t’ing ’bout karaoke is dat even de dogs does get angry and start to howl, so dis is week number five tone deaf people screaming into a microphone at 3 o’clock in de morning. Lack of consideration, more and more, day by day we seeing in society!
It is kite-flying season. Some clowns insist pun leaving out de kites all night long and I swear dat de Pentagon got drones overhead checking pun we! Again, lack of consideration fuh yuh neighbours and more noise fuh Carl Moore to write ’bout!
You put yuh garbage out in bags and place it in de bins, but by morning de neighbour dog scatter it all over de street. Yuh complain but de dogs still running wild, creating mayhem. Lack of consideration fuh others again!
Bubbadus becoming First World, so we think.
We got parking spaces fuh handicapped people, but hard-back men (and women too) will drive into the handicapped parking like if it reserved fuh dem! Perhaps de handicap dem got is not visible to de naked eye! Lack of consideration fuh people who differently able!
Walk through Bridgetown early a Sunday morning and all over de streets yuh see garbage just dropped all over de roads. Why? Fuh who to clean up?
Lack of consideration fuh de Sanitation workers who got to clean it up and lack of consideration fuh de environment!
You standing in a line waiting fuh service, but a fella who believe dat he time more valuable than yours want to walk right up to he “friend” behind de counter and get serve before you! Inconsiderate, again!
Dese days yuh got to put no-parking signs in front yuh gate ’cause people gine to a party will park and block yuh from exiting or entering yuh property; you got to go and find de person and dem will come and move de car and more vex than you. Totally inconsiderate!
Don’t talk ’bout lack of consideration pun de roads – we is pure road hogs! The maxi taxis blaring out de music and profanity and passengers can’t unpick duh teeth; otherwise they will get cuss and put off de bus!
I know dat wunnah got wunnah own experiences ’bout dis lack of consideration fuh one annuder!
Dogs barking; karaoke howling; car and motorcycles exhausts; neighbours burning garbage and asthmatics running fuh cover; garbage pun de beaches, de streets; loutish behaviour in public places; kite-flying at night; wherever yuh turn, yuh seeing signs of decay.
It like it is a paradox that de more affluent we become, de less considerate we does be. It is time to mek Bubbadus a better place. I could hear muh friend Errol Griffith preaching dat de only person yuh could change is yuself! So start wid self and mek some small changes. T’ink ’bout how wha’ you do gine affect others. Sometimes all we need to do is to fix de little ‘tings and we might see big changes fuh de better!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now! You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?