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Fun, frolic on Carnival Tuesday

Ricky Jordan in Trinidad

Fun, frolic on Carnival Tuesday

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Carnival Tuesday, the climax of the 2012 season in Trinidad and Tobago, saw over 70 costumed bands crossing the Queen’s Park Savannah stage in all their glory on a sunny day of fun, frolic and a bit of a fiasco.
The last occurred when one of the most popular bands, Tribe, was not allowed to go on stage because it had deviated from the parade route. National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) president David Lopez explained that following changes to the route for security purposes, the renowned Frederick Street was out of bounds this year.
“The police advised that Frederick Street could not be used, and we made it quite clear in light of issues regarding the overhanging power lines in that area. That is a life or death situation. But this morning Tribe decided to come up Frederick Street and that was a no no,” he said. However, hours after the band was diverted and had walked the correct route, the NCBA asked them to go on stage but they declined.
Tribe members expressed their disappointment, stating they had paid their money to go on stage and should not have been diverted.
Revellers who did cross the stage were led by big band Harts presenting their historical Pantheon – The Wrath of The Gods which bathed the Savannah in a blaze of colour as the sun was rising in all its glory. They were soon followed by small band Just Friends, ushering in a day-long flood of masqueraders.
One of the most attention-grabbing bands to hit the stage was Island People Mas, whose presentation of Heroes was boosted in a major way by the presence on their truck of this year’s Carnival “hero” Machel Montano, who has so far won two titles – Groovy Soca and Power Soca – and looks set to win the Road March with his energetic Mr Fete.
Another impressive presentation came from Brian MacFarlane’s Sanctification, whose spiritual slant made it a strong contender in the Creative Topical category; while “Big Mike” Antoine’s Legacy, subtitled Flight, featured various forms of colourful birds flapping, jumping, chirping and wining in sections bearing names like Pink Flamingo, Mythical Pheonix and Bird of Paradise.
The Bajan element was strong in yesterday’s parade, so much so that when Island People hit the stage, dotted by Barbados flags and rags, the announcer stated: “Ladies and gentlemen, Barbados is here.”
Deputy police commissioner Mervyn Richardson reported no major incidents up to Press time, as Trinis and visitors enjoyed their last lap before they cool down today, Ash Wednesday, either by attending church or heading to Maracas Beach and sister isle Tobago.
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