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Need a job to help pay bills

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Need a job to help pay bills

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Dear Christine,
I’m writing this letter in the hope that one of your kind readers would see it and give me some assistance.
I am desperately in need of a job. Christine, I have been laid off from my job due to the economic recession. Currently, I’m unable to pay my rent or bills for the room I’m currently renting and my landlord has given me one week in which to move.
Christine, it has been rough for me growing up. I lost my mother at an early age to domestic abuse at the hands of my father. I also lost him due to the fact that he’s incarcerated for her death.
My other family members never stepped up to take care of my siblings and me so I was institutionalized for most of my childhood. I grew up in an institution and this prevented me from gaining a proper education. After leaving the institution I acquire some CXC subjects.  
Christine, I’m not asking for any hand-outs. I’ve learned to be independent. I just want a job so that I can help myself.
One of my siblings said she would help me out with some place to stay, but Christine, I have to contribute to the bills and buy food stuff. It is nice of her to help me out even though I know things are not easy with her.
She tried very hard to keep us together as a family after we “lost” our parents, but she is young and cannot do it all on her own.
I’m grateful for her assistance but I cannot and do not want to put any further burden on her.
Christine, I would appreciate it if any of your readers can help me find a job to take care of my expenses.
Thanks in advance for publishing my letter. I look forward to hearing from someone very soon.
– Desperately In Need.
Dear Desperately
In Need,
Sometimes all a person needs in life is a chance to prove his or her worth. You are asking for a chance and I pray that someone would offer you the opportunity to support yourself.
You are unfortunate in that the situation in which you found yourself as a child was not created by you or your siblings. I’m sure the loss of your mother was a hard blow for the entire family – especially you, your brothers and sisters.
I’ve checked out your situation and know you are being honest about your plight. Many times readers wonder if the letters which appear in this column are genuine.
If they really knew the truth about some cases, they would offer to help individuals even on a personal basis, as some already do.
I’ve had cases where individuals offer to “adopt” young persons, not by taking them into their homes, but by assisting them as they make their rough “trips” during the stormy periods and seasons of their lives.
I’m printing your letter and listening for calls, which would put you on the road to being financially independent.
While you wait, try your best to help your sibling who has offered to help you, by helping her to keep house. In that way, you won’t feel that you’re a burden to her.
I’ll be in touch.