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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Money man’s secret’s out

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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A certain Bajan is being compared to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.
But, unlike the Internet social network genius who made a lot of money in a short space of time based on his intellectual creativity, this Bajan is slowly being seen as a smart man.
Cou Cou was reliably informed that this man is said to have amassed wealth of more than $30 million, but was sensible enough to never present himself as wealthy.
He allegedly made this money through contracts with well-heeled business contacts. One practice of his was said to be securing jobs for those who would agree to pay him a service fee for his efforts.
True, true, true.
As word of this man’s actions continues to slowly leak out, it seems to be causing former friends some unrest.
Stay tuned for more on this one.
Speaking by the script
Something’s happening in St James, and soon the whole of Barbados will know.
Word is the person involved will be booted out of the big job. The move comes months after the individual was muzzled and when given permission to speak had to carefully follow the script or else face a verbal barrage.
Those familiar with the goings-on are wondering why there is such a rift between the two top people, especially since their positions represent slices of the “fatted calf”.
What amazes these people too is that one is eminently qualified to do the job but is being restrained by the other, who is trained in another discipline but believes when the word is spoken on a matter, no one else should have a say.  
No wonder there seems to be so much uncertainty on matters coming from that place!
Match not made in heaven
Some things just don’t go together, though many people often insist on twinning them.
Can you imagine eating sardines and pork together, or combining cheese with souse. Ugh!
Yet some people do it.
The same thing goes for couples. Sometimes you wonder why a man or woman of note takes a total opposite down the aisle. But it happens.
That’s why the move by a certain man to end his marriage to a well-known woman comes as no surprise. The two were always considered an odd match even though they share certain sporting interests. The move now after just a short time together suggests the heat in their relationship has cooled.
U-turn in the making
It seems that a certain politico has spoken out of turn. He said that an event would not be happening at a particular place.
But those responsible for the venue where he said the event will be held, and those who are intimately involved with the planning of the event, are suggesting that the move would be a financial disaster.
So expect a U-turn announcement within weeks.
It’s just not Christian
A man of the cloth is being called to account for his handling of a matter he proposed.
From what Cou Cou has learnt, this cleric, who was once very visible, seems now to be on sandy ground, as he is not being seen where he should be, but is shifting among various places of worship.
But what his former congregation really wants to know is why when his action plan was refused he stormed out of a meeting and was not seen for four consecutive Sundays.
The congregation wants him to know that what he did was just not the Christian thing to do.