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I CONFESS: Sick hubby driving me crazy

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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I am going out of my mind.
I am suicidal; only my daughter has prevented me from committing the act.
But I am losing it.
My husband is bipolar and he is having a sexual relationship with his second daughter from his first wife. She is a teenager, and this is not the first time that he is having sex with one of his relatives.
His lover (daughter) takes every cent that he has.
When he is having a bipolar episode he is completely disconnected and does not say a word in?English to me our or our daughter, and this could go on for months upon months until he snaps out of it.
This time, though, is one of his worst episodes.
Our daughter is hurting and is always confused as to the reason her dad sometimes doesn’t like her.
When he is sick with this problem, he refuses to contribute to utilities, food, me or our daughter or anything else whatsoever. I am broke from his being sick so often and refusing to contribute to the upkeep of the house. Worst of all, he refuses to get help. How can I go on? What can I do?
I cry openly every day. I cannot hide from my daughter anymore.
My husband is respected where he works and none of his friends suspect or would even believe that he is bipolar as he is very popular and kind to his workmates.
His mother died a few years ago and left her house to him. This house is about four miles from our home. The house was rented before he and his daughter started their affair – I believe about six months ago – and he gave notice to the couple that was renting it, and my husband and his daughter have moved in.
He comes to our house about four times a week, and his daughter, who lives at her mother and stepfather, goes there as she likes.
My husband refuses to take our daughter and me anywhere since he started having sex with his older daughter.
We have to always take the bus, rain or sun, while she is always seen driving his car. I get a friend to drop her to school while his daughter drops him at his office, goes to work and picks him up again at four-thirty and they go to his mother’s house.
His daughter knows that I am hurting and he knows that I know what is going on, but I cannot say anything because he would curse me and say harsh things to me, and it would be worse for me and I would be the only loser.
It may be a year or so before he is over this episode and when that happens he is the sweetest until the next episode.
I am employed but I am unable to maintain everything when he is having a bipolar attack.
My husband refuses to get help, although once or twice a year he goes through a bipolar episode.
How can I tell his friends or my friends his family or my family that he is having sex with his own daughter or tell her mother that her daughter is sick to be having sex with her own father who allows her to take advantage of him by taking every cent he works for?
Everyone would say I am crazy or sick and need help.?What can I do?
My husband is bipolar and needs psychiatric help but refuses to seek it.
Please help me, someone. I am going crazy.