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MAVIS BECKLES: Women must take blame

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Women must take blame

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I have tuh say dat some o’ the females ’bout here does get too deeply involved too quickly wid men before duh try and wait tuh get tuh know dem or know ’bout dem, and it does be too late and oh so sad when duh finally find out the real person.
Now this is wha’ I noticing becoming a trend: every other day ya does see people writing in the newspaper tuh Dear Christine asking her what she think they should do ’bout some man who they met at a club, had a good time wid and in a few short months they became intimate wid dem, only tuh realize afterwards dat the man is married and have a family, so duh cuss out the man and write Dear Christine.
Another time duh does know dat the man is married and ain’t have nuh intentions o’ leaving his wife and family fuh dem but because he seem suh nice and things going long smooth these woman does get comfortable just being the mistress.
Next thing ya know, duh does start tuh demand more than the man could give or is prepared tuh give and because he ain’t have nuh kinda intention of letting go the wife fuh dem, duh does write and talk all kinds o’ things ’bout the man, how bad he is and a whole lot o’ junk in I Confess.
Women too special, doh. Duh got some women who does know dat a man is married and would intentionally do evahthing in duh power tuh get up tuh the man ’cause he look good; the foolish man, on the other hand, might take a chance and have a li’l fling wid dem.
These kinds o’ women would then decide dat dem ain’t letting go and the more the foolish man run and try tuh get way from dem, the more these women does pursue him and make his life a living hell. Next thing ya does see something very similar tuh this case in Pudding & Souse.
Look, some women ain’t easy at all, hear? Duh got some women who only like certain types o’ men. You would hear dem talking ’bout how dem looking for a man who got a dollar, who ain’t cheap, who could put he hand in he pocket quick; a man who gine pay all the bills and look after dem.
He ain’t got tuh be nuh Denzel Washington nor Tom Cruise nor the most handsome thing in the world – as long as he shelling out the dough, dem cool. But leh the man stop or the money-well start tuh dry up and ya would know she ain’t want he. She is like the alligator wid a sneaky smile but ferocious teet; the one who only going in fuh the kill.
There is the type o’ woman who is needy, the one who ain’t complete unless she got some kinda man in her life. From the time one gone, she does go and find another one quick, quick so. She like tuh be swinging from vine tuh vine like she playing Tarzan and Jane.
Duh got another one who would be satisfied tuh just live in a house wid a man fuh years and years wid-out any kinda commitment, calling him her boyfriend.
She is the kinda woman who you would hear calling Cupid tuh request the song Night Nurse (only you can quench such a thirst) because she cahn live wid-out a man. She is the type who you would call a reputed wife, a common law wife, a lifelong partner or live-in companion.
Then duh got another set who love tuh be seen wid a certain type o’ man in the places dat duh friends gine frequent – and ya know dat duh gine be all ovah he like a old jacket.
She is the type who likes power and prestige, as long as he makes her look good. He ain’t gotta have a good shape, not tall, dark nor handsome. He might even have a regular bad breath or even be a poor lover, but hey, he belongs tuh the who is who.
All these women, one way or the other, does be using men. Men tuh them are a means tuh an end. Dem ain’t looking fuh nuh kinda meaningful relationship. The tragedy in all o’ this is dat some o’ dem got children who are there looking on at all o’ this. Dat is why some o’ dem does get abused and molested.
Some mothers does pass on their same attitude tuh the girl children who does grow tuh see and think dat all a man good for is money. Some boys now does become village rams and the girls promiscuous.
Some o’ these children does sometimes walk in pon the mothers in compromising positions, causing them tuh learn ’bout sex too early.
This is why there are so many children with half-brothers and half-sisters from the mothers’ multiple partners, causing a lot o’ sibling rivalry.
Women need tuh stop and take stock o’ duhselves, if only fuh the children dat duh bringing into the world.