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PUDDING & SOUSE: Poster boy living it up

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Poster boy living it up

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We wonder what management at a certain restaurant is doing about the circulation of posters all over the place, including the World Wide Web, revealing the sexual encounters of one of its long-serving managers.
The posters not only contain his photograph but also those of some of the women with whom he allegedly slept.
But the shocking revelation is that all of the women are his subordinates at the same restaurant and he has been taking them out one by one while still married.
According to the poster, which was obviously written by one of his castaways, the manager usually brags, when his tongue gets a little loose, about how many of his co-workers he has “fried”, so to speak.
It goes on to say that the situation has led to the break-up of his marriage.
The author of the poster points out quite correctly that staff relationships are frowned upon by management.
So we at Pudding & Souse want to know what management is doing about this scandalous situation? Has it turned a blind eye because it believes that a man can be a king in his own palace?
Who’s watching the watchman?
The authorities at a certain primary school need to keep watch on the nightwatchman.
People who live near the school have been telling Pudding & Souse that this man goes missing almost every night from the school but it is where he goes that is causing concern.
Apparently, after going around and begging everyone in sight for a dollar or a quarter, he makes his way downtown to the nearest arcade and spends several hours pulling the slots.
But that is not his only vice. He also likes to hang out at the neighbouring corner shop begging for a little snap.
People want to know how he could be so careless with his job when he replaced another wayward watchman not too long ago. They are saying that one of these days he will return to find the school gone.
Who will give account?
Parents of children who attend an institution are planning to protest the recent requirement that their children open a bank account in order to receive the $50 stipend they get weekly from the organization.
One upset mother told Pudding & Souse that it didn’t make financial sense to open the account and then be penalized for not having at least $500 on it, when the $50 is supposed to be used by the teenagers for bus fare and lunch.
She and the other parents are of the opinion that if they are required to open the accounts then the $50 would have to be significantly increased because the moms and dads usually have to augment it anyhow.
Non-national in great demand
Several questions are being asked about a certain non-national woman who was supposed to hold an event here but never did.
Angry patrons are saying that she got away with thousands of dollars from ticket sales and was last seen living it up on the West Coast with her Bajan sugar daddy.
People were also upset when they heard she was saying that she didn’t give a damn about Bajans and no one could pressure her into making amends.
For her sake, it would be better if she leaves the island ASAP because several angry women are looking for her.
When east is west
The authorities who are looking for a certain man should head east instead of west because he has changed his early morning routine.
It shouldn’t be so hard for them to sniff him out because even in sweaty workout clothes he still smells like money.